The Route

  1. 1.The Castle

  2. 2.Castle Street; Wood block roads and hydraulic power

  3. 3.Cooke Street: Peter Ellis masterpiece, and Watson Prickard bridge

  4. 4.North John Street: Tunnel Ventilation and the first open plan office

  5. 5.Queens Avenue: Stock exchange railway mania

  6. 6.Water Street /1: Martins Bank HQ

  7. 7.Water Street /2: Rumford Place and the American Civil War

  8. 8.Water Street /3: India Buildings

  9. 9.Water Street /4: Oriel Chambers -a building 50 years ahead of its time

  10. 10.The Strand /1: Royal Liver Building and Tower Building

  11. 11.The Strand /2: Queensway Tunnel and Atlantic Tower

  12. 12.The Strand /3: Royal Insurance, Daily Post & Echo,

  13. 13.St Nicholas Place /1: The Floating Roadway

  14. 14.St Nicholas Place /2: Mersey Estuary Pollution Alleviation Scheme

  15. 15.St Nicholas Place /3: The Floating Landing Stage (Cruise Terminal)

  16. 16.St Nicholas Place /4: Princes Dock

  17. 17.Canada Boulevard: Leeds Liverpool Canal, Georges Dock

  18. 18.Mann Island /1: Museum of Liverpool History

  19. 19.Mann Island /2: Georges Dock Building (Mersey Tunnel)

  20. 20.Mann Island /3: Mann Island cross-river railway pumping station

  21. 21.Strand Street: Liverpool Overhead Railway

  22. 22.Albert Dock: Albert Dock, the docks in general, Liverpool Arena

  23. 23.'Liverpool 1' /1: Innovation with standard components

  24. 24.Canning Place /1: Bus Station & John Lewis Bridge

  25. 25.Paradise Street: The power station behind Rolls Royce

  26. 26.Canning Place /2: The Pool and The Old Dock

  27. 27.'Liverpool 1' /2: Return through Liverpool 1 to Lord Street

Please note that the small Google maps giving approximate locations on each page are not linked to the tour map on this page. It is recommended that you use the tour map above to follow the locations in sequence, and refer to the correspondingly numbered webpages for more detailed descriptions. Only click on the small maps if you want to go to the Google public map (with no tour.)

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